Denise Russo Photography

Photography * Fundraising * Forever

Capturing memories of family, friends and sport. Taking a limited number of senior photos 2018/2019.

For school teams or organizations with a charitable donation option, I feel honored to be able to donate the profits from the sale of a photo that captures a special memory. Profits include all money not needed to pay for the website or equipment and is at least 50% of the photo cost, dependent on photo sales at year end. In 2015, we provided over $2000 to AHS and the Carrie's Dream Scholarship Fund. Every purchase that you make supports these donations. Please respect that digital downloads are for "single" use, not to be shared with others who may be in the photo. This allows the greatest opportunity to raise money for these programs.
*Please note that, at year-end, a program's total donation must be more than $50 to qualify.

Suggestion: Photos taking at night or in a darker venue "brighten up" when printed on glossy paper.

About me: My first experience with photography was in an 8th grade photography class where we developed our own film. Later, my friend Tony East (check out his smugmug) taught me the fundamentals of DSLR shooting (on a Nikon). My mom, Rosalie Spingola, furthered my education and she and her husband Larry have supported my passion with a gift of the Canon 5D Mark II and an equally impressive lens. I feel honored to be so supported and to be able give back to my community doing something that I love.